Het Paviljoen

2, Louis Pasteurlaan
9000 Ghent
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Het Paviljoen is a space for contemporary and experimental art where several artistic projects have taken place since 2006. The glass pavilion in the front garden of the Cloquet building regularly lends itself as a meeting place between students and more established artists.


  1. STOCK, OUT OF STOCK, Thomas Willemen, Breathtaking Structures, 04.2018, photo: Leontien Allemeersch
  2. To Undiscovered Lands, 04.05 – 01.06.2023, photo: Isaac Ponseele
  3. Chapter II ”The Waiting Room”, group exhibition with Emma Cogné, Eline Harmse & Sina Hensel , 18.03 – 15.05.2022, photo: Frederik Aerts