31.01.24, 20:30, Flaming Ears (1992)

Half cyber-punk science fiction, half queer drama, 100% experimental ecstasy. Flaming Ears positions itself in the year 2700, in the half-burnt city of Asche, where the lives of three women will intertwine inextricably. Spy is a comic book artist whose printing presses are burned down by Volley, a super-sexy pyromaniac. Seeking revenge, Spy goes to the lesbian club where Volley performs every night. Before she can get inside, Spy gets involved in a fight and is left injured in the street. She is found by Nun, an amoral alien in a red plastic suit with a penchant for reptiles who also happens to be Volley's lover.

This lesbian pop science-fiction fable is a latex-clad fantasy about revenge, nihilistic doom and paranoid anarchy. Filmed on claustrophobic Super 8, Flaming Ears is a masterclass in low-budget filmmaking, with such a high level of DIY that the creative energy spills out. Coherence is sometimes hard to find, but who needs that with a film as unique as this one?

Ursula Puerrer, A. Hans Scheirl & Dietmar Schipek, 1992, Austria, 89’
German spoken, English subtitles
Campus Bijloke
Godshuizenlaan 4
9000 Gent