21.03.24 – 22.03.24, FoyerTV | S1:E1 | Pilot, master project drama by Toon Acke - DPIII drama by Pieter van Dijk

Five theatre-makers and a camerawoman try to provide an answer to an excess of content-less pastime through a sitcom about twenty-somethings. As they fight content with more content, the line between fact and fiction blurs. With Pilot, FoyerTV touches on the growing sense of anxiety in our time; fear of being forgotten, of missing something, of being expendable or unsuccessful. In this way, FoyerTV portrays a generation immersed in the images that surround them: from home video to Hollywood, from philosopher Mark Fisher to Friends.

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FoyerTV is a metamodern instagram account managed by a changing group of theatre makers who create reports around performances in the foyer. 


  • by & with: Esther van der Wel, Dagmar Dierick, Judith Engelen, Pieter van Dijk & Toon Acke
  • camera: Alejandra Rogghé Pérez
  • dramaturgy Milan Van Bortel & Quinty De Vries
  • scenography: Femke Florus
  • costumes: Laura Lemaitre
  • montage: Sebald van der Waal
  • coaching: Jan Steen
  • thanks to: Benoît Vanraes, Wannes Gyselinck, Wim Helsen, Peter Van den Eede, Bardia Mohammad, Valerie Desmet, Bauke Lievens, Carolina Maciel de França, Simon De Winne, Mieja Hollevoet & fellow students 
  • coproduction: KASK & Conservatorium, CAMPO & FoyerTV 
  • with the support of: De Auteurs
free upon reservation
CAMPO Nieuwpoort
Nieuwpoort 31/35
9000 Gent
21.03.2024, 20:30
22.03.2024, 20:30