In Guilty of Love, Marie Schraepen and Sophia Bauer, in collaboration with Mats Vandroogenbroeck, delve into the abundance of sexual violence in our cultural imagination. Especially the motif of the dead raped woman keeps popping up: as wish-fulfilment, as monster, as sacrifice. In constantly changing roles, the actors try to get a grip on the persistence of this image. Popular imaginations intersect. A testimony collides with soap opera dialogues and re-enacted youtube videos, in the search for an idiosyncratic language that transcends the clichés of this theme.

Sophie and Marieke wrote their own text about the performance. You can read it at Rekto Verso (Dutch). 

Kristof Van Baarle wrote a review of the performance for E-tcetera (Dutch).

From and with: Marieke Schraepen, Sophia Bauer and Mats Vandroogenbroeck
Mentors: Luanda Casella, Bauke Lievens, Sofie Vandamme
Production: KASK Drama
Thanks to: Campo, Larf Kazematten, Viernulvier, KASK & Conservatorium
Based on texts by: Mary Gaitskill, Sleepwalk Collective, Sylvia Plath, Margaret Strosser

Sophia Bauer & Marieke Schraepen graduated with this performance as master in drama, 2022.
The graduation projects of our students were all published on the graduation website. You’ll find everyone’s personal page there as well as the complete festival programme.