10.02.22 – 06.03.22, 12:00, It’s a wonderful place, isn’t it? (A tour around the pavilion)

Poetics of hospitality is pleased to present a new exhibition/additional chapter suggested by the artist Siemen Van Gaubergen (b.1991, lives and works between Brussels and Leuven), which will be on display at Het Paviljoen for one month. This exhibition was born out of an open call to make this stimulating and experimental space available to artists based in Belgium.

The same clouds hover over a pond in the middle of the pavilion, with light escaping through thin sheets of mirror. The installation by Siemen Van Gaubergen turns the pavilion into a terrarium where a miniature landscape emerges. The work consists of a pond, three periaktos and a light source, accompanied by a text written by Gerlinde Van Puymbroeck.