19.11.23, 13:00, Kinokwartet: Tilda Swinton

Set your watch for Tilda time, as a very special Kino quartet descends on KASKcinema in mid-November. After struggling with the many roles of Willem Dafoe last year, Kinoautomat now aims at the most charismatic chameleon of contemporary cinema: Tilda Swinton. Apathetic alien, ravishing robot, or angel of doom, this study day bulging with excess honours Tilda in all her shades. With mercurial flexibility, Tilda has long measured up to many masks that have remained iconic in film history. From ice queen and train tyrant to vampire hipster and rock star, Tilda's versatility offers a rainbow of roles that excite the imagination. With this four-part (plus VR installation) of her lesser-known works, we'll draw you right into the Tildaverse.

13:00 | Friendship's Death (Peter Wollen 1987, UK, 78’, English)
To start, we do so with Tilda from outer space. In film critic Peter Wollen's only solo film, a disillusioned war journalist stumbles upon a mysterious space robot in Jordan. As the Jordanian civil war has just broken out, they huddle together for a series of intellectual conversations and sultry stare-downs. This contemplative chamber piece will leave the highbrow Tilda fan quivering with pleasure with geopolitical and philosophical discussions.

15:00 | The Last of England (Derek Jarman 1987, UK, 92’, English)
Few collaborations are more legendary than the ones between Tilda Swinton and Derek Jarman. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the chemistry between these two arthouse icons made for electric experimental cinema including Caravaggio (1986) and Edward II (1991). Tildatopper par excellence, however, is the enigmatic The Last of England. In this metaphorical deconstruction of English history, Tilda bites down on Margaret Thatcher's reign of terror.

17:00 | Teknolust (Lynn Hershman Leeson 2002, US, 85’, English)
Because one robo-Tilda is no robo-Tilda, we dive into the roughest corners of Tilda's repertoire with Teknolust. In this erotically charged cyber romcom from multimedia artist Lynn Hershman Leeson, no fewer than three Tildas trot out. The sexandroids Ruby, Olive and Marine are looking for a way to reproduce themselves. However, their mission becomes increasingly vague when their lust begins to infect the outside world like a computer virus.

20:30 | Constantine (Francis Lawrence 2005, VS/Duitsland 121’, 35mm, Engels / Nederlands-Frans)
Once reviled as the nail in the coffin of Keanu Reeves' Hollywood career, this twilight neo-noir is in dire need of reappraisal. Based on the well-known graphic novel series, Keanu here plays a chain-smoking demon exorcist who battles the forces of evil with sad puppy dog eyes. When Tilda, here in the form of archangel Gabriel, comes into his path, a sinister plot reveals itself.

Truly insatiable Tilda fans can visit the foyer between performances for the VR installation Goliath (2021). Tilda provides the voiceover on a reality-bending character study during this interactive gaming experience.

i.c.w. Kinoautomat
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