11.05.24 – 12.05.24, Life in Plastic, Masterproef van Emma Verstraete, Dramaproject van Maryam Sserwamukoko

Tell me what you think about me?

Have you been in a lot of situationships?

What red flags do you look out for when dating someone?

Do you think that only if we eat enough of one thing, you will become it?

Which kind of chips do you prefer?

And which kind of cookies?

And do you match it with the kind of content that you’re binge-watching?

What about online shopping, does it make life easier?

Do you ever feel like suffocating in a plastic bag?

Do you ever feel like a piece of plastic?

Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

I wonder where you are right now, probably all around and I don’t even notice you. Sometimes your touch can feel pretty soothing, or your sound. It’s hard to resist. I think you can make me sick. Maybe you already did. I do feel a certain connection to you but it feels like I’m sort of responsible for you being here, like I forced you to be with me and that just doesn’t feel very healthy for either of us. We’re better off without each other, but I don’t know how to leave you.. I cannot imagine my life without you anymore I guess. Maybe we are degenerating together. Maybe we will wander the earth lightly, moving with winds, waves, animals. We will infest each other's intestines, resisting slightly. But eventually we will give in, adapt, be each other in unison. Maybe we’re already there. Then where does this longing come from?

Life in Plastic is a piece about people searching for depth and connection in a world that seems increasingly about surface. How deep should you dig when looking for sincerity in plastic landscapes?


  • from: Emma Verstraete & Maryam Sserwamukoko
  • with: Ella Boomsma, Maryam Sserwamukoko & Tijmen Van Damme
  • music/sound: Kim Eldarova
  • light: Marthe Leon Thys
  • costumes: Charlotte Callens
  • practical mentor: Kristof van Baarle
  • outside eye: Lieselot Siddiki
  • production: Titus Smessaert
  • image: Arthur Loontjens & Maria de Cort - MUA Bavo Buys & Malique Fye
  • thanks to: Heike Langsdorf, Wannes Gyselinck, Bauke Lievens, Simon De Winne, Carolina Maciel de França, Mieja Hollevoet, Frederik Le Roy, Bardia Mohammad, Valerie Desmet, Geeraard Respeel, Luanda Casella, Ahilan Ratnamohan, Hooman Jeddy, Ipman van biowinkel PANDA, Bio-Lab KASK & Conservatorium
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LOD Studio
Bijlokekaai 3,
9000 Gent
11.05.2024, 20:00
12.05.2024, 15:00