15.05.24, 20:30, Marie Antoinette (2006)

KASKcinema and Cinema RITCS are rolling up their sleeves with a new series on misunderstood or unloved branches of the film profession. Although usually only directors adorn the spotlight, a film production is always the result of a small village of artists and craftsmen. Under the banner Screencrafts, we are therefore giving some of these métiers their just share of fame. To kick off these viewing and listening evenings, we will dive into the voraciously equipped wardrobes of some Belgian costume designers and stylists. Elke Hoste (Augure), Manu Verschueren (Close), Charlotte Willems (Wil) and Gonne Vanspauwen (Noisetrain) sew their professional and personal experiences within the field into an elegant overview of one of cinema's much forgotten arts.

A cosy panel talk will be followed by a screening of Sofia Coppola's Marie Anoinette. This playful (re)history remixed the life of the French monarch into a sprightly pop number about youthful rebellion and the hunger for self-fulfilment. Beyond cakes, converse trainers and a sensational Kirsten Dunst, however, it is mainly the costumes that make your eyes sparkle. Holding the middle ground between historical fidelity and fashionable modernisation, the film's costume design brought a breath of fresh air to the dusty landscape of the biopic.

Sofia Coppola, 2006, USA, France & Japan, 123', English spoken, Dutch-French subtitled

i.c.w. Cinema RITCS
with thanks to the Alliantiefonds
Campus Bijloke
Godshuizenlaan 4
9000 Gent