15.11.23, 20:30, Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

With fear of AI algorithms running rampant, Weird Wednesdays is also jumping on the technophobic bandwagon. As bad as the erosion of copyrights and state spying may be, they pale in comparison to Mechagodzilla's machine-like murderousness. In Terror of Mechagodzilla, everyone's favourite radioactive giant lizard takes on his tin-built stepbrother for the second time. For this sequel (which requires no knowledge of the original), Kaiju-king Ishir Honda returned to the director's chair for one last time to show them how it's done.

Aliens once again threaten the planet and hope to use Mechagodzilla and a duo of sock-puppet dragons to overthrow world leaders. This is, of course, counting on the help of Godzilla, who reluctantly steps into the hero role here for the better whooping work. However, the story is just background noise in this monster opera masterpiece. A glut of villains, ingenious special effects and the collective weight of more than 20 years of craftsmanship come together here for a Godzilla outing that will leave your heart in ruins.

This screening is free for Different Class members.

i.c.w. Different Class
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