19.05.24, 20:30, The Metamovie (VR)

You don’t watch this movie, you live it! As you journey through this vast, cinematic VR adventure, you’ll be joined by supporting characters played by live actors. Together with ten other role-playing audience members, your entire cast will embark on a revolutionary shared storytelling experience. Being the center of attention not your thing? Come and see a sci-fi adventure unfold live in front of your eyes on the big screen. Team up with a band of alien-rights activists to help rescue the Zibanejor, a rare and noble alien creature being held captive at the secretive Kelosite Research Facility. Known to have the most toxic blood in the universe, the Zibanejor has become the potentially catastrophic project of scientists set on creating a weapon of untold devastation. This mission will be the ultimate test of your wits, battle readiness, and where your loyalties truly lie.

This hybrid screening takes place at KASKcinema and has different levels of participation.

Hero seat:
As the Hero in Alien Rescue, you'll have a speaking part, but don't worry, you do not have to memorize any lines! You can just follow along and do a little light play-acting, a bit of make-believe, as you might have done as a kid. Some people just go with the flow, others are more talkative and active - you can play the Hero any way you like.

Sidekick seat:
As a Sidekick in Alien Rescue, you won't have a speaking part, but you are more than a mere spectator: you are very much a part of the story. You and the other sidekicks will accompany the Hero and the others, supporting the team on their mission. Follow the Hero or keep tabs on another character: you have the freedom to explore the world and fly wherever your Eyebot will fit.

Cinematic seat:
The Metamovie is made live. The director switches between 10 camera angles using a VR camera System to create a cinematic experience streamed directly to the big screen. With this seat you get the best view of all the action from the comfort of the traditional theatre couch. Sit back, relax and see your friends go on crazy adventures.

English spoken

cinematic seat: €6 (standard) / €4 (reduction)
hero seat: €30
sidekick seat: €10
Campus Bijloke
Godshuizenlaan 4
9000 Gent