28.11.23, 20:30, Total Recall (1990)

In the near future of 2084, construction worker Douglas Quaid dreams of a new life on the Mars colony. Since a real trip to the nearby planet is unfeasible, he turns to REKAL Inc, a company that specialises in creating artificial memories and virtual experiences. Through a memory implant, they offer him the holiday of his dreams without losing precious time in the real world. But when the procedure goes wrong, Quaid realises his whole life is a lie... or is it?

After the success of Robocop, Paul Verhoeven returns to the sci-fi genre with Total Recall, once again presenting an incisive satire on authoritarian regimes, as well as delivering the ultimate 'It was all a dream....or was it?' film. Loosely inspired by a Philip K. Dick short story, Total Recall sharply explores themes of memory and identity without losing sight of the campy charms of eighties action films. Filled with cheesy one-liners, creative special effects and with the perfect casting of everyone's favourite Austrian bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, Verhoeven delivers a witty finale to the era of 'ultra-violence' blockbusters that dominated Hollywood in the 1980s.

Introduction by film scholar Atalya De Cock.

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