Shrubs cannot be pigeonholed. And that's a good thing, because shrubs are perfect for combining with trees and herbaceous plants. Moreover, this combination stimulates biodiversity and brings variety and colour to public green spaces. A nice prospect for those who get to work in our urban and suburban region. But it is not at all self-evident. This technical vade mecum aims to bring shrubs to the fore and make them 'hot' again for public greenery applications.

But however you turn it, public greenery stands or falls with good design. Precisely for this reason: this vade mecum is a reference work that starts from the planting design. But a design can never be realised without good planting and appropriate management. As a designer and manager, you will also learn more about shrubs and their various forms of greenery, applications, planting, management phases, management methods, etc. This is why the vade mecum is not only technical, but also very practical. This makes it a valuable document for green services, landscape and garden architects, study bureaus, regional landscapes and green education.

Published by Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos
2015, NL
90 euro