Stefanie Delarue holds the specializations of ecology and botany as a biologist (MSc - UGent, 2001). After a research and teaching assignment at UGent, focusing on mycology, she immersed herself in the combination between ecology and the design and management of outdoor spaces. First as staff member ecological ornamental garden and ecological public greenery at Velt vzw, and then to help found the Innovation and Knowledge Center Green Management at the current VIVES university college.  

Within HOGENT, she is a lecturer in landscape and garden architecture and the advanced bachelor in landscape development, where she is responsible for plant knowledge, ecology and management. 

She is a researcher at the HOGENT research center Futures through Design, specifically the research line Regenerative landscapes. Her current research themes are regenerative agriculture, food forests and biodiverse care spaces.   

She also runs a consultancy Biodiversitijd, where she supports designers, researchers, policy makers and implementers around regenerative landscapes and agriculture with ecological advice.