With the pervasive impact of the digital through all sorts of screens, animation has become a significant component of our visual culture. This project aims to address and explore the performative origins of animation from a non-Western angle. We mainly focus our attention on the historical Persian theater Pardeh-Khani (literally: reading off a curtain/screen) as a form of live animation. Firstly, our goal is to reinforce the performative component of animation by restoring its contextual relationship with Movement, Embodiment, Rhetoric, Object, and Space. Secondly, we attempt to identify and explore methodologies in synthesizing animation and performance art in theory and practice. Finally, we would like to assert how remediation between animation and performance art can be used as a creative tool in preserving, representing, and projecting knowledge. Therefore, by designing exploratory research and action-based methodologies, we aim to examine the potential impact of remediation of Pardeh-Khani and animation in the pedagogic process both of teaching and of learning.

Behind the curtains of animation

In search of the performative origin of Animation
project team
Edwin Carels, Pedram Kargar
01.10.2022 – 31.12.2024
animation theory, performance art, media-archaeology, textile art, pedagogy