The main objective of the living lab 'Ecolab Schoonmeersen' is the participatory conception and design of a climate-adaptive (= resilient) green infrastructure around the HOGENT Campus Schoonmeersen. Climate-adaptive design of an area includes measures that try to limit the damage of climate change and/or exploit its opportunities. More specifically for the site, Ecolab Schoonmeersen responds to the issues of heat stress and the limited presence of refugia in the city. 

Ecolab Schoonmeersen will: 

  • Reduce the urban heat island effect by creating greenery
  • contribute to the creation of connections between the four major green poles around Ghent, enabling migration of plant and animal species
  • Creating refugia for plants, animals and people
  • Raising awareness among students, staff and by extension the neighbourhood about climate issues.
  • Additional positive impacts include improved air quality, better drainage and the creation of a water buffer, and increasing ecological quality and biodiversity on campus.

ECOLAB Schoonmeersen is a research project of the eCO-CITY and Futures through Design research centres.

ECOLAB Schoonmeersen

project team
Tine Vanthuyne, Veerle Lamote
01.05.2019 – 30.04.2022
gefinancierd door
Vlaamse Overheid, departement Onderwijs en Vorming
Projectoproep Living Lab: klimaatvriendelijke hogeronderwijsinstellingen