The postdoctoral research Expanded Narrativity starts from the observation that databases are ubiquitous in our networked society and are increasingly deployed to provide the user an apparent narrative experience.

However, often these processes (and the algorithms that control them) are not entirely transparent and seem to have mainly economic goals. This research therefore tries to find alternative ways of employing such database-driven narratives in an artistic context. 

The IICADOM archive, a collection of family films found by the researcher, serves as the basis for this research and is used in the creation of new artistic work.

The research focuses on three different forms of narrativity:

  1. linear narrativity, as inherent in audiovisual works
  2. narrativity within interactive and/or generative applications
  3. narrativity in a spatial context in which various separate elements within a theatrical or museum space contribute to a narrative experience

Expanded Narrativity

Een onderzoek naar nieuwe vormen van narrativiteit binnen mijn multimediale praktijk
project team
Jasper Rigole
01.10.2016 – 30.10.2023
archive, narrativity, database, audiovisual work, collecting, historiography, media-archeology, expanded cinema, analogue film