‘In search of the female touch?’ is a research project that questions the relationship between femininity, artistry and vulnerability. Sofie Vandamme investigates how female artists profile themselves as artists on the basis of psychological vulnerability. To do so, she analyses in which terms and discourse vulnerability is expressed in artists' texts, autobiographical and literary texts. She also works with various artists to develop an artistic language expressing vulnerability in artistic interventions. 

She is currently focusing on the question of what being vulnerable can mean for female artists. To this end, she engages in an intense conversation with individual artists during a six-month trajectory on how vulnerability is made tangible for them in film, literature, visual arts, theatre, dance or music. That trajectory will be done seven times over the next few years, with seven different artists. 

On that basis, a lexicon of being vulnerable will be compiled, the starting point for writing fictional artist portraits in which vulnerability resonates. With such a publication for a wide audience, we want to provide tools to give one's own vulnerability a place.

In Search of the Female Touch?

project team
Sofie Vandamme
01.01.2020 – 30.03.2026
vulnerability, resilience, women artists, artists’ writings, autobiography, literature, discourse analysis