The Capitalocene is the product of a separation between Western modern man and the complex web of life that is 'Gaia', which we are a part of and depend on for our survival. Cosmograms are (sometimes millennia-old) representations of a 'cosmos' and its various internal arrangements and coherences. They exist in iconographic, architectural, performative and narrative forms, within scientific, religious and artistic traditions. Cosmograms emphasize synthetic connection rather than analytical distinction, holism rather than specialization, the bigger picture rather than the distinct part. To what extent can their connective and speculative potential help us develop worldviews beyond the Capitalocene? How can we shape them artistically, dramaturgically and performatively? Besides representing connections, can they also be connective themselves, socially? How do cosmograms relate to possible audiences, (temporary) communities?

photo: Yvan Mahieu
photo: Tom Leentjes

Cosmograms Beyond the Capitalocene

Speculative and Connective Dramaturgies in Times of Ecological Collapse
project team
Sébastien Hendrickx
01.10.2022 – 30.09.2024
Narratology, storytelling, capitalocene, cosmogram, speculation, systems thinking, dramaturgy, collapse