The way we respond to the suffering of others, and articulate our moral positions, depends on our framing of established perceptible reality. As the contemporary art world is situated and formed exclusively within a desirable frame of the systems of capitalism, where commodities are momentarily produced as discourses, one has to think about the positionality of the artist within these systems.

This project intends to examine the figure of the implicated subject at various intersections of music, seduction, torture and waste (of capitalism). Furthermore, the project focuses on practices of disobedience and explores how an antifascist legacy can be re-actualised, in order for the muted voices of resistance to come to the fore.

Revolt! On a refusal to sing

(Multi)functioneel groen voor de zorgsector: ontwerp, aanleg en beheer van biodiverse restoratieve zorgtuinen.
project team
Jelena Jureša
01.01.2021 – 30.12.2026
meta-history, antifascism, complicity, music, documentary