During his postdoctoral research (2017-2023), composer Daan Janssens explored the compositional possibilities and implications of consciously referencing other music, including music by other composers as well as his own work. In addition to several written texts, both by the composer/researcher about his own work and by other authors about the composer's work, this research led to a significant number of new compositions, such as ‘Eine schöne Müllerin’ (2018), ‘(...sans rien dire...)’ (2018/2019), a series of piano études (2020-in progress), and ‘Wie aus der Ferne,’ a composition Janssens wrote on commission for the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 2022. Several of these works were brought together in the double album (...à suivre...), which was released in October 2023.

Verwijzende muziek

Over de compositorische mogelijkheden van het (zelf)referentiële muzikale netwerk
project team
Daan Janssens
01.06.2017 – 31.05.2023
New music, auto-referentiality, listening implications, composition