01.12.17, 20:00, Opening MAP #69: Inge van den Kroonenberg

MAP is een projectruimte waarin masterstudenten uit verschillende afstudeerrichtingen hun werk presenteren aan het publiek. Inge van den Kroonenberg is masterstudent vrije kunsten aan KASK / School of Arts.

traces of song

down the hollow road
I found cricket
crckt tree hop hop crckt dee doo

down the hollow road
I hop hop hop
pebble pebble stone stone sh sh sh shoe

down the hollow road
I see rocket
ho ho holy pig a bang tada

down the hollow road
a deaf mule singing
Il ne dira plus co-co-di co-co-da

In 'Traces of Song' I present work regarding my research on the performance of sound, speech and song through more or less amplified media.

‘Verre’, is a sound installation that resonates through glass architecture. ‘SCHRAAAP’, wuk am I doing in Eeklo or local dialect as oral territory. ‘Untitled’, repeated handwritings, carbon print on paper. ‘Traces of a Song’, installation/work in process.

I am interested in sound as acoustic phenomena and as carrier of meaning. In my artistic practice I work with recorded sound, text, and voice. I like noise too. How it is constructed and how I can deconstruct it through listening.

I reflect on sound like sound reflects on me. I reflect sound. I absorb sound, like a wall does. Sound does not judge me. To sound I’m as much a wall as I am a person. I judge sound. Sound is meaningless until it is processed by my neurological network.

I sing songs. I remember songs. I remember words, rhythms and melodies. I remember patterns. I love patterns. Nature produces patterns beyond my limited comprehension. I only partially understand nature’s rhythms, words and melodies.

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