03.06.24 – 30.08.24, Bert De Jonghe, Essential Reading

Essential Reading is a project that aims to enlarge, diversify and enrich Kunstenbibliotheek’s book collection. Which books are, today, really indispensible for an art library? Guests of Essential Reading bring together and present in the library the books they consider most valuable in their life and work.

Bert De Jonghe is a Belgian landscape architect, the founder of Transpolar Studio, and a Doctor of Design candidate at Harvard University. He specializes in landscape architecture, urbanism and design research in the Arctic regions.

He earned his Master in Design Studies degree at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD) after completing a Master of Landscape Architecture at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and a Bachelor of landscape and garden architecture at KASK & Conservatorium. His ongoing doctoral dissertation anticipates and frames the next chapter of settlement and infrastructural development in the high-Arctic.

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