18.04.24, 20:00, Design x Queer

Floriane Fo Misslin (FR) & Bebe Books (BE) moderated by Anna Luyten (BE)

How can queer methodologies and perspectives enrich the world of design? This Design Dialogue focuses on the necessary integration of LGBTQ+ methodologies and perspectives in the field of design.

In current debates on design and gender, there’s often a focus on the neglected or contested female body as well as the perpetuation of stereotypical gender identities. While these issues are important, they only represent the tip of the iceberg. Creating a truly inclusive design approach requires the incorporation of diverse perspectives and experiences of queer individuals and those with non-normative gender identities.

The Ghent-based queer collective Bebe Books, specialised in designing contexts where diverse marginalised voices are represented, will engage in dialogue with London-based researcher Floriane Fo Misslin, whose doctoral research focuses on the experiences of LGBTQ+ fashion designers with the predominant standards in fashion (photography). During this dialogue, we will explore together how queer methodologies and perspectives can contribute to breaking traditional design paradigms and promoting inclusive design practices.

Design Dialogues

Design x Queer is part of the curated lecture series Design Dialogues organised by KASK & Conservatorium / HOGENT and Howest, and Design Museum Gent. Distinctive voices from the broad field of design are invited to reflect on the role and future of design in a changing world. Each Design Dialogue starts with in-depth presentations by the speakers around a specific theme, followed by a critical, moderated discussion and concludes with an open conversation between the speakers and the audience. Our mission: to provide engaging perspectives that could help us meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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