A new life, a new fight, videostill: Elettra Bisogno & Hazem Alqaddi

18.12.23, 19:30, Films for Palestine: Solidarity Screening & Fundraising

KASK & Conservatorium students organise bi-weekly meetings to open a space for mobilisation and conversation in solidarity with Gaza. For the second solidarity screening, they are screening films by student Maaike Jaspers and graduate Elettra Bisogno in collaboration with Hazem Alqaddi. They focus on how solidarity can unfold within a film practice. As artists and filmmakers from the global north, we need to not only empower marginalised voices, but also be aware of how we relate to them in all the processes of making (and doing) the work.

Join this open conversation with the filmmakers and reflect with us on how our artistic practice can contribute to tangible action and the liberation of Palestine.

Before the screening, the students will offer soup and bread for a free contribution.


I have never been to Palestine. I have only scrolled there, departing from Belgium. With a poor sense of scale, and a biased compass, I wonder: what is hidden in the instruments I use to navigate?

Khalil and Mohammed give me some landmarks. By drawing maps, they reconstruct the places of their former lives in Palestine and the geographical circumstances of their friendship. Traces that are anything but dotted lines on Google Maps.

A NEW LIFE, A NEW FIGHT (Elettra Bisogno & Hazem Alqaddi, 2021, 35’)

A meeting between two strangers sparks a desire to understand each other through the medium of film.

Elettra & Hazem both simultaneously start recording their surroundings on camera, crafting the resulting footage. Elettra from Italy and Hazem from Gaza become the subjects of this film that documents their first moments together. The film deploys into a multi-faceted reality where the North and the South confront each other in a discussion about rights and inequalities, a reality in which we grasp a migration towards each other, while capturing an intimate way of making a film together.

entrance: pay what you can
proceeds from this fundraiser will go to charity in solidarity with the victims in Gaza
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