Remake of Norman Potter’s ’stick furniture’, with Jones Neville, 2019.

07.05.24, 18:00, James Langdon

James Langdon is an educator, designer, and writer. His PhD, from RMIT University, Melbourne, concerns isomorphism (or ‘unreasonable fidelity’) in communication design. As an educator he has been professor at HfG Karlsruhe (2017–2023), and has taught regularly at HGB Leipzig (2023), EKA Tallinn (2019–2023), and ESAD Valence (2017–2019), as well as being a visiting lecturer and workshop host at many more schools in Europe and beyond. As a designer, he has worked for institutions including Serpentine Galleries, London; the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; and the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; and for publishers including Sternberg Press, Spector Books, Mousse, and Book Works. He has presented his work at the major European design conferences ‘Bold Italic’ in 2012, ‘Integrated’ in 2017; and in the USA at the Walker Art Center’s ‘Insights’ lecture series in 2014. His writing on subjects in and around communication design has been published in journals including Bricks from the Kiln, The Bulletins of the Serving Library, Revue Faire, Fillip, and in recent anthologies of writing on design education, including ‘One and Many Mirrors’, published by Occasional Papers, London, in 2020; and ‘Extra-Curricular’, published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, in 2018.

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