06.12.23, 20:00, Ruiskamer#3: The Necks & Younes Zarhoni

In the category of legendary Australian cult bands, The Necks stand out with neck and shoulders. Chris Abrahams (piano), Tony Buck (drums), and Lloyd Swanton (bass) have been planing their unorthodox sound for eighteen albums: long pieces that slowly unravel mesmerizingly, floating on a sustained deep groove. The deceptive simplicity of their music reveals new details with each listen. Not quite avant-garde, nor minimalist, ambient or jazz: The Necks’ music is completely unique!

Brussels-based Younes Zarhoni works at the intersection of audio and visual art, around topics such as national, religious and artistic identity. He creates sound installations as well as visual work and electronic music performances. With his electro project YZ, he toured numerous venues, searching for the meditative side of techno. His latest quest for transcendence through music: a study in quadraphonic singing. Sober incantations in Arabic are layered polyphonically and punctuated by silences bathed in a monastic atmosphere. The result is a blissful mindmelt. Eyes closed and ears wide open!

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