29.02.24, 19:30, Razen, Genevieve Murphy & Andy Moor

A lineup including harmonium, recorder, chalumeau, hurdy-gurdy, bass clarinet and serpent is something you rarely, if ever, see. So the Brussels-based ensemble Razen has definitely layed out a unique path over the past 13 years. A path that leads the listener along the classical roots of minimal and early music resolutely towards the horizon.

Razen’s main asset: the unique richness of sound of a special selection of instruments. The result: intuitive, deliciously rolling landscapes on a canvas of drone. Call it hybrid psychedelic minimal or spectral early music. Best viewed on headphones with your eyes closed, or even better: in the beautiful setting of the MIRY concert hall.

Amsterdam musicians Andy Moor and Genevieve Murphy sculpt a unique combination of songs, poetry and improvisation. Moor’s improvised guitar playing irresistibly tangles with Genevieve’s lyrics. Genevieve Murphy is known for her performance compositions that start from both disturbing, poetic and recognizable lyrics and visual stimuli. Andy Moor is best known in our parts as the guitarist of the cult band The Ex. Together they create gems that are as unique as they are intriguing, perfectly suited to our Ruiskamer.

  • 19:00 doors
  • 19:30 presentation GAME + Geneviève Murphy
  • 20:00 Geneviève Murphy + Andy Moor
  • 20:40 pause
  • 21:00 Razen
* pay what you can
Biezekapelstraat 9
9000 Gent