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Summer break articleLees, kijk, luistereducationstudents interior design WiNE24* Social Design hackathon for the Quality of Life in detention housesarticleLees, kijk, luistereducation Call for ceasefire in Gaza newsLees, kijk, luistereducationresearchartistic activities Radio interview with Ruben Degheselle on the new master's in composition for media, video and games. audioLees, kijk, luistereducationstudents landscape and garden architecture imaginary landscape newsLees, kijk, luistereducation Masterworks Vol. 13 publicationLees, kijk, luistereducationinternationale conferenties in KASK & Conservatorium ARTEMIS & EPASA newsLees, kijk, luistereducation New master composition for media, video and games videoLees, kijk, luistereducationBarbara DebeuckalaereBOEKS 14 'OM (أُمّ mother) publicationLees, kijk, luisterartistic activities Unpacking Tschichold’s Library articleLees, kijk, luisterartistic activitieseducationJan Vandeplancke, Céleste Buyle & Quinten Vermeulenresidenten Jumping Fences presentationLees, kijk, luisterartistic activitiesPaola Siri Renardresident Jumping Fences presentationLees, kijk, luisterartistic activitiesMAP#158 Natalija Gucheva & Abel Hartoonistudents fine arts loose ends: meeting, meandering, wandering articleLees, kijk, luistereducation Toonmoment grafiek presentationLees, kijk, luistereducationLayla Morandostudent tekenkunst SPITS No.09 presentationLees, kijk, luistereducation Musée Imaginaire presentationLees, kijk, luistereducation Composer Daniel Hart collaborates with students KASK & Conservatorium for FFG newsLees, kijk, luistereducation KASK Lecture 08.02.2024, Marijke De Roover Recording of Marijke De Roover's lecturevideoLees, kijk, luistereducation Watering the flowers while it's raining presentationLees, kijk, luistereducationartistic activitiesLouise De Bosschergraduate My Heavenly Jewel presentationLees, kijk, luisterartistic activities Composer Natalie Holt collaborates with KASK & Conservatorium students for Film Fest Gent newsLees, kijk, luistereducationMAP#149, Seppe-Hazel Laeremans & Marthe Huysestudenten grafisch ontwerp To un-fold presentationLees, kijk, luistereducationartistic activitiesPedram Kargarartistic researcher Open & Close presentationLees, kijk, luisterresearchSofie Verclyte e.a. Migrating Heritage publicationLees, kijk, luisterresearch VAF Wildcards 2023 Three alumni of KASK & Conservatorium win prizes at VAF WildcardsnewsLees, kijk, luistereducationGiada Cicchettistudent photography Graduate Giada Cicchetti selected for Festival dei Popoli newsLees, kijk, luistereducation Composer Eiko Ishibashi collaborates with KASK & Conservatorium students for Film Fest Gent For its 50th anniversary edition, and in line with its musical DNA, Film Fest Gent releases a new format: FFG Sessions.newsLees, kijk, luistereducationAngela Alsoulimanstudent film Orange Flavored Love How far will love carry someone through the horrors of war? Or, as director Angela Alsouliman seems to put it: What is the limit of an orange?articleLees, kijk, luistereducationMarah Haj Husseinstudent drama Language: no broblem Marah Haj Hussein is a Palestinian, who was born and grew up within the borders of Israel and now lives in Belgium. With four languages (Arabic, Hebrew, English and Dutch) and three alphabets under her belt a personal Babel lurks round every corner. The name of her graduating theatrical performance? Language: no broblem.articleLees, kijk, luistereducationRiles Walshstudent composition The East Complex It’s not every day composition students graduate with an opera, but that’s exactly what Riles Walsh is intent on doing.articleLees, kijk, luistereducationIskander Moensstudent music production Iskander Moon Iskander Moon is the folkpop project of producer and singer-songwriter Iskander Moens. On the Masterworks LP, meaning the vinyl compilation of the graduating class pop / jazz / music production-students, he noteworthily submits the song ‘Borderline’.articleLees, kijk, luistereducationAlexis Gerlachstudent fashion Damsel In Distress (triptych) Alexis Gerlach is one of the nine fashion masters exchanging school workshops for the real field next year. Her project Damsel In Distress (triptych) would by no means be out of place in a museum context.articleLees, kijk, luistereducationKyoko Van Asseltstudent grafiek Bronnen videoLees, kijk, luistereducationKyoko Van Asseltstudent grafiek Bronnen videoLees, kijk, luistereducationGeorge Chinnerystudent fine arts Some sort of informal situation George Chinnery is a poet, who works in mysterious ways. Time for a chat.articleLees, kijk, luistereducationStef Vanbilsenstudent landscape and garden architecture Anti-tank trench Stef Vanbilsen will soon graduate as a landscape and garden architect, with an emphasis on the former.Lees, kijk, luistereducation