Giada Cicchetti

Graduate Giada Cicchetti selected for Festival dei Popoli

Giada Cicchetti studeerde in 2023 af in de opleiding fotografie. Met haar afstudeerwerk staat ze 6 november op het 64ste Festival dei Popoli in Firenze. De film Le tarantole dormono sotto le pietre wordt gescreend in de categorie Doc at Work - Future Campus.

LE TARANTOLE DORMONO SOTTO LE PIETRE is a film that delineate a matrilineal genealogy developed around the phenomenon of tarantism. An anthropological research that is based on an intimate investigation and takes the shape of an experiment in which images are multiplied on a screen that holds up to three shots simultaneously, combining artist's film, installation, and documentary discourse. Le tarantole dormono sotto le pietre is inspired by a ritual that originated in the Middle Ages in Southern Italy, a traditional magical-religious practice with the aim of healing people, especially women, affected by convulsive movements attributed to the bite of tarantula spiders. The director begins by filming her mother, creating an intergenerational dialogue on motherhood, being a daughter, femininity, and interweaving this intimate material with the traces of the ritual - studied at length by ethno-anthropologist Ernesto de Martino - in search of its evolution in the present, in a dance of gestures and visual correspondences that question us on the theme of relationship and care.

Giada Cicchetti graduated with this project as a master in visual arts, photography, 2023.
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