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Composer Daniel Hart collaborates with students KASK & Conservatorium for FFG Lees, kijk, luister Watering the flowers while it's raining presentationLees, kijk, luistereducationartistic activitiesBauke Lievens, Alexander Vantournhout & Raphaël Billetresearchers Is there a way out of here? publicationLees, kijk, luisterresearchLouise De Bosschergraduate My Heavenly Jewel presentationLees, kijk, luisterartistic activitiesMAP#149, Seppe-Hazel Laeremans & Marthe Huysestudenten grafisch ontwerp To un-fold presentationLees, kijk, luistereducationartistic activitiesPedram Kargarartistic researcher Open & Close presentationLees, kijk, luisterresearchStefanie Delarue, Pieter Foré e.a.researchers Technisch vademecum: Heesters publicationLees, kijk, luisterresearchCharo Calvoresearcher Open call: interviews for Kairos Project The short-term research project Kairos Project seeks candidates to be interviewed by artistic researcher Charo Calvo. Duration of interviews: about 15 minutes. Audio recording only, no images. Once all interviews are collected, Charo will compile a radio artwork, an audio reading of the students' thoughts.newsLees, kijk, luisterresearch VAF Wildcards 2023 Three alumni of KASK & Conservatorium win prizes at VAF WildcardsnewsLees, kijk, luistereducationTibau Beirnaertstudent drama F A G G O T S presentationLees, kijk, luistereducationJonas Baeke & Jef Hellemansstudents drama Pinokkio presentationLees, kijk, luistereducationSophia Bauer en Marieke Schraepenstudenten drama Guilty of Love presentationLees, kijk, luistereducation KASKlezing, 09.03.23, Linda van Deursen recording of the lecturevideoLees, kijk, luisterartistic activitiesMarente de MoorKarakters Deze hoedanigheid publicationLees, kijk, luisterartistic activitiesMatthijs van Boxselkarakters Domheid als methode publicationLees, kijk, luisterartistic activitiesJeroen OlyslaegersKarakters De Zielhouderij publicationLees, kijk, luisterartistic activitiesChristensen Raveendranstudent fashion Quirky math and circular dimensions in Raveendran’s vativam During Triggers our graduating fashion students showed their work. Master student Christensen Raveendran showed his project Vativam there.articleLees, kijk, luistereducationJules Mathôtstudent film Behind the scenes of short film ‘Night by Night’ Jules Mathôt is in his final master year of film. That means working hard on his audiovisual calling card with which to go out into the world as a director.articleLees, kijk, luistereducationFloor Vanden Berghestudent fine arts “Can we play language games with computers?” From his interests in game theory, epistemology and artificial intelligence, among others, he developed a practice in which he subversively pits knowledge and algorithms against each other.articleLees, kijk, luistereducationKyoko Van Asseltstudent grafiek Bronnen videoLees, kijk, luistereducationKyoko Van Asseltstudent grafiek Bronnen videoLees, kijk, luistereducationManon Lambeensstudent graphic design Do you speak tunnel language? Graphic designer Manon Lambeens graduated from KASK & Conservatorium last year with her project Het Sociale Spel (the social game).articleLees, kijk, luistereducationLouise Dhondtstudent textile design Collect to connect Behold the motley collection of objects by textile student Louise Dhondt.articleLees, kijk, luistereducation Symphony orchestra plays Beethoven 3 articleLees, kijk, luistereducationartistic activitiesMirl van Sorgestudent grafiek Gedichten presentationLees, kijk, luistereducationKyoko Van Asseltstudent grafiek 12 monotypes presentationLees, kijk, luistereducation Landscape development students take part in LE:NOTRE Student Competition newsLees, kijk, luistereducation Bordeaux Studiereis landschaps- en tuinarchitectuurnewsLees, kijk, luistereducation Ruhr & Berlijn-Potsdam Study trip landscape and garden architecturenewsLees, kijk, luistereducation Montavoies Study trip landscape and garden architecturenewsLees, kijk, luistereducationRosine Mbakam, Eléonore Yameogo, An van. Dienderenonderzoekers Prism videoLees, kijk, luisterresearchMaría Boto Ordóñez & Ann Veronica Janssensresearchers Structural Colors articleLees, kijk, luisterresearch The School of Speculative Documentary presentationLees, kijk, luisterresearchGiada Cicchettistudent photography Graduate Giada Cicchetti selected for Festival dei Popoli newsLees, kijk, luistereducationAnna Czapski, Diederik Peeters, et al.onderzoekers Grimoire; Futurology of Cooperation publicationLees, kijk, luisterresearch Nomadic School of Arts: reisverslag van eeuwig halverwege articleLees, kijk, luistereducation