21.03.24 – 14.04.24, #158 Natalija Gucheva & Abel Hartooni, loose ends: meeting, meandering, wandering

How could we join the open flow of life forces in our artistic process? Is making only an end-enclosed domain of reshaping formless matter which results in an end product, or more, an ongoing process which carries on among the lines of the flows of life itself? Is this related to the way identities, and meanings are formed? 

We criss-crossed our points of view, by wandering beside each other at the crossroads of auto-fictive worldbuilding, and the expanded painting. Together we shared mutual questions and concerns about how the process of identity formation within both queer and diasporic thought could be related to the ways we engage with our practices.

This project attends to question the relationship between the open-ended aspects of making, identity formation and meaning transformation. By showing works in progress and attempting to risk connections despite differences, we tried to collectively engage with the notion of becoming in our artistic process. 

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