MAP#134: George Chinnery & Reza Yavari

When a body or object is at rest, it can only be perceived as standing still due to its frame of reference. The particles that are moving together with the body define it as ‘being in or not in motion.’ This basic principle of motion is a common thread in the works of Reza Yavari (IR, °1992) and George Chinnery (UK, °1991). Yavari’s work Unlimited editions pins into the cultural significance of Hard Rock Café t-shirts as an emblem of highly commercialised Western tourism, kitsch and global movements. As an Iranian resident, international travelling is highly restricted. From the realisation that Hard Rock Café shirts from different locations can be bought online, Yavari will create a photography installation that demands the physical presence of the visitor. Chinnery will show an installation that enters into more abstract notions of movement as he engages with his work as an improvised performance of sculptural and poetic fragments. The sculptures that are placed in the glass corridor allude to display objects, architectural typologies and the transient structures and debris found alongside motorway peripheries.

George Chinnery, A flute solo is by its very nature a horizontal structure, Pencil and digital drawing on paper, 2022

Reza Yavari received a BFA in Photography at the College of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran from 2014-2019 before starting his MFA in Photography at KASK. George Chinnery is an artist, DJ and agricultural engineer who is currently doing his MFA at KASK. Previously he received a BFA (Hons) at University College Falmouth from 2010-2013.

This article was originally published in Onrust, Magazine °14, 04 – 06.2022.
Text: Adriënne van der Werf