image, Germaine Van Parys

18.03.24, 18:00, Am I Evil?

Am I Evil? is an intimate lecture about the historical figure of trader and collector Jeanne Walschot, active from the 1920s in Brussels. Curators Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola (BE/IT) look more specifically at the erotic relationship Ms. Walschot established with her huge collection of looted African artifacts, and the way she represented that relationship.

From their feminist and Mediterranean perspective, Basani and Ciresola tell about their encounter with Walschot's collection in the archive of the AfricaMuseum, as well as their curatorial decision to employ this figure as a site to explore power dynamics of abuse, exoticization, and racism.

This lecture-introduction starts off the Am I Evil? -week at KIOSK. Through individual and collective practices of erotic writing, the participants will explore their own desire, and the connections between their own bodies and processes of decolonisation, for instance how to position themselves in the field of power of the erotic.


i.c.w. KIOSK, KAAP, MuseaBrugge, radical_hope & nadine
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