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Since 2010, KIOSK on Campus Bijloke has been developing an idiosyncratic programme centred on the artist. Within the special architectural framework of the exhibition space, a former anatomical theatre, KIOSK shows the work of both emerging and established names. The projects are created in dialogue with the artists and are always the result of a longer development process.

The focus is on new productions, complemented or not by existing works. KIOSK fulfils a signal function by having an eye for experimentation, for cultural and artistic diversity. It keeps its finger on the pulse of evolutions within art and society. Since 2021, the KIOSK website has formed an additional platform for online art projects.



  1. Oracles, The Life of S.F., 07.12.2022 – 07.01.2023, photo: Sabelle Arthuis
  2. No Sovereign Author, Thematic Apperception Test: Tell us a Story with a Beginning and an End, 01.04 – 04.06.2023, photo: Sabelle Arthuis
  3. Thomas Renwart, GOLDEN HOUR FADED BLACK, 26.02 – 01.05.2022