06.05.24 – 08.05.24, INFERNO, Dramaproject van Anna De Graeve, Casper Schoolmeesters, Dorelia Schraven, Gudrun Moreau, Milan Mitera en Rinus Martha Chaerle

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welcome to the sexiest, hottest place you can imagine: inferno. where demons, sinners and murderers sit out their unique punishment for eternity. running from flames, fighting to the death, getting your eyes sewn shut. 9 astonishingly evil layers to explore. oh to die forever! a contemporary look at the fieriest pit of the universe by the biggest italian writer of the 14th century, dante alighieri. inferno is a feast of the imagination. a rite of transcendence. a theatrical odyssey between heaven and hell - and if that’s not the same thing in the end.


  • With and by: Anna De Graeve, Casper Schoolmeesters, Dorelia Schraeven, Gudrun Moreau, Milan Mitera, Rinus Martha Chaerle
  • Thanks to: Bauke Lievens, Carolina Maciel de França, Simon De Winne, Mia Hollevoet, Madonna Lenaert, Bardia Mohammad, Rogier Roeters, Elsie Cooper, Valerie Desmet en CHATGPT
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DRAMA Studio 2
Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2,
9000 Gent
06.05.2024, 20:00
07.05.2024, 20:00
08.05.2024, 20:00