photo, Lies Ooms

19.06.24 – 20.06.24, Hier en nu, Altijd daar, master project by Senne Paulussen

Enter a world of questions, where every thought is a mirror of our society and the structures we are stuck in. ‘Hier en nu, Altijd daar' is besides a performance, also an invitation to introspection, a confrontation with the emptiness that opens up when we question the logic of our thinking.

In this performance, Senne and the audience question their own existence, and challenge the foundations of who we think we are. ‘hier en nu, Altijd daar' arose from a spiritual search for the core of our existence. It is an invitation to question our own identity and society, and ultimately, to discover what lurks in the emptiness that surrounds us.


  • play & creation: Senne Paulussen
  • practice mentor: Geert Belpaeme
  • theory mentor: Kristof Van Baarle
free, possible contribution at the box office
De Kazematten,
Kazemattenstraat 17,
9000 Gent
19.06.2024, 18:00
20.06.2024, 20:30