17.05.23 – 28.05.23, MAP#146 Tendenza Alla Cura / Tendensi Untuk Peduli, Giada Cicchetti & Lisa Koo Gautama

“Then one of the women started to hum, while gently swaying back and forth. Slowly a rhythm emerged; bit by bit other women joined in. Soon the whole group was singing, moving, and getting up to dance. It was an astounding transformation: people coming back to life, faces becoming attuned, vitality returning to bodies. I made a vow to apply what I was seeing there and to study how rhythm, chanting, and movement can help to heal trauma.”
BESSEL VAN DER KOLK, The Body Keeps the Score, 2015.

How can we deal with Distances, Distances between cultures, homes, generations, languages, Distances, differences, how can we deal with Distances?
Both of our works are researching the impulses and power of the body to express and connect. To express a love that has been suppressed for too long, a desire that was hidden, a power, a fierceness, be it by generations of oppression or by separation, — an uncontrollable urge to dance, to laugh, to live, to scream.
Both of our works explore art as a way to take Care, of our families, of our communities, of our time, of our homes, of the places we inhabit. Can we get back to an understanding of art as a place to connect, to care? And to rediscover and nurture our tendency to care?

How can we take Care, Care for cultures, homes, generations, languages, Care for differences, how can we give back, how can we claim back our Care?