photo, Marvin Merkel

21.04.24, 14:00, Guided tour in Unpacking Tschichold's library

Guided tour of Tschichold's library unpacked exhibition by Katrien Van Haute, open to schools, groups & public.

Reservation for public not necessary, groups can book for free via

Katrien Van Haute

Katrien Van Haute, lecturer at LUCA school of Arts (Ghent) graduated as an art historian at the university of Leuven and PhD in 2009 on the genesis of modern graphic design in Belgium. A specialist on Belgian graphic design during the interwar period, she contributed articles to exhibitions on several occasions (Modernism. Belgian Abstract Art and Europe. MSK Ghent 2013; P.-L. Flouquet, L. Kassák en J. Léonard. Mu.zee Ostend 2018). She is one of the authors of Off the Grid: Histories of Belgian graphic design (Occasional Papers, 2022).

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