From Scratch To Scratch

From Scratch to Scratch brings together artists who deconstruct the cultural, social and artistic order shaped by the narration of western masterpieces. Through a variety of mediums and contemporary practices, ranging from photography, video, sculpture and performance, they re-evaluate the Western gaze. In the context of this year’s Van Eyck cultural programme in Ghent, students from Curatorial Studies challenge the aura that surrounds the Ghent Altarpiece.

The exhibition will take place at the Zwarte Zaal (Campus Bijloke) and Kunsthal Gent allowing for new encounters and dialogues to arise through a parallel screening and public program.

Stills from The Sun & the Looking Glass, for one easily forgets but the tree remembers, a film by Milena Desse, 2020

FromScratch to Scratch presents experimental practices that question the established western canon and ways of viewing and producing contemporary art. The process of scratching implies removing something, and in doing so leaving new traces. Rather than rewriting history, it asserts a new layer of meaning as valuable as the already established ones. Proposing new scratches on the canvases of the old masters, these works explore concepts around identity, heritage, beauty ideals, gender equality, and power dynamics.

We see our position and visibility within OMG Van Eyckwas here as an opportunity and inspiration to create new stories, while also questioning the relationships between heritage and contemporary art and between tourism and cultural production. Which rules should be put into question? Which layers do we insist on highlighting, and which layers do we hesitate to reveal?

Camille Bladt
Patricia Couvet
Sofia Lemos Marques
Koi Persyn
Zuzanna Rachowska
Yanis Stefanou
Ella Strowel
Vincent Van Laeken

This article was originally published in Onrust, Magazine °13, 04 – 05.2020.
Text: Régis Dragonetti.