photo, Alice Dooreman

23.05.24 – 12.06.24, Slow Reading Club & Charlie Usher, LEARNING

BOEKS is pleased to invite you to the opening of ‘LEARNING', an exhibition by Slow Reading Club (BE/FR), with a contribution of Charlie Usher. A cover version of a Marxist choral work from the 1970s, an impassioned .pdf about open-access education, a student choir, a collection of speakers sourced from flea markets, four matching desks, scores and scripts on yellow weaves, a UV printed poster, extracts from novels tracing the movement of eyes, and a xerox zine. In all these materials is a politics about the relationship between rehearsal and performance, onstage and offstage. In rehearsal, one learns to balance individual desire as it overlaps with collective decision making. What better place to test the mechanisms of learning than in the long BOEKS corridor bridging library and art school; skill acquisition by object or apprenticeship.

BOEKS Gallery
Campus Bijloke
Godshuizenlaan 2A
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Opening: 23.05.2024, 18:00–22:00

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