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15.05.24 – 16.05.24, Weather Pleasure, Master project by Melody Van Gompel

Weather Pleasure embodies the power of imagination, but also its danger. When observation and imagination met, History dreamed of women. He imagined her, molded her and deformed her. Can women continue to imagine when their story seems fixed? Time passes, yet the weather remains unchanged.

Weather Pleasure is a feverish dream where two women, alongside the help of their companion Kate Brock, strive to transcend their bodies. Can they change the weather forecast, despite their wounds of being and unbecoming? How to soften, liquify, and transform? When the sun and its fluffy clouds, fail to acknowledge the storm brooding within, rocks form. These three women evaporate in a visceral immersive trip where bodies are opened, felt, questioned and remembered.


  • player/maker: Melody Van Gompel
  • player/maker: Marie Nguyen De Buck
  • voice Kate Brock: Abigail Gypens
  • scenography: Tania Malangombe en Jannes Moons
  • costumes: Long Tran Thang
  • music: Nona Huysegems
  • technics: Astrid Vansteenkiste
  • poster: Jannes Moons
  • thanks to: Luanda Casella, Bauke Lievens, Frederik Le Roy, Bardia Mohammad, Valerie Desmet, Luna Luz Deshayes, Xante Moyersoen, Passerelle vzw, BUDA Kunstencentrum, Monty vzw, Kunstacademie Zaventem, CAMPO, LOD, Klein Verzet vzw, Margaux Rooryck en Michel Rooryck, Eef Smeyers, Lender Vandevelde, Loïc Meulenberg, Nina-Joy Thielemans, Anne-Sophie Buset en Maxime Schildmeijer
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LOD Studio
Bijlokekaai 3,
9000 Gent
15.05.2024, 20:00
16.05.2024, 18:00