27.01.22, 20:00, Will Holder

Typographer Will Holder runs uh books whose singular “uh” suggests one adaptive whole of a plural “books”. The disparity between written logotype (a) and its spoken “uh” (say out loud: “a sandwich, a wallet, and a giraffe”) is suggestive of the publisher’s work with artists, musicians and certain institutions – using conversation as model and means. The work pre- and describes relations between people, their multiple voices, memory, song, recounting and accounting, by way of speech, performance and transcription, getting words on, and primarily off the printed page.

Holder edits and publishes F.R.DAVID, since 2007, a journal concerned with the organisation of reading & writing in the arts (co-published with KW, Berlin). The latest issue of F.R.DAVID will be available at a reduced rate of EU 5. Cash only.