Jeroen Van der Ven, teacher

Jeroen Van der Ven (Belgium, °1983) is a freelance actor. In 2005 he obtained a Master's degree in Philosophy at the University of Antwerp. He then goes on to study Dramatic Arts/Acting at the RITCS in Brussels, where he graduates in 2009. In 2008 he wins the Jongtheaterprijs at Theater Aan Zee with his solo Leuchter. With this prize, he creates the solo performance Fobbit (2009) together with fellow student and director Thomas Bellinck, under the name Steigeisen. As "Steigeisen," they go on to create the performances Billy, Sally, Jerry and the .38 gun (2010), Lethal Inc. (2011) (selected for The 2011 Theater Festival), De Onkreukelbare (2012) and Memento Park (2015). In 2016 Steigeisen will cease to exist, but even then they will continue to collaborate for such works as Simple as ABC #2: Keep Calm and Validate (2017), De Bevrijding van het Edelhert (2022) and De Stem van Vingers (2023).  

Jeroen also regularly collaborates with Kris Verdonck as an actor, notably in the performances H, an Incident (2013) and Conversations at the end of the world (2017) (selected for Theater Festival 2018) and for the theatrical installation K (2021).  

As a freelance actor, Jeroen has also played in performances by Olympique Dramatique, Het Paleis (Theaterfestival 2011), KVS, Ontroerend Goed, De Roovers, Het Arsenaal, Hof van Eede (now De Hoe), Het Kwartier and Carly Wijs (Theaterfestival 2022), among others.   

Besides small roles in various TV series and films, Jeroen also plays lead roles in Generation BSalamander (season 2) and Undercover (season 2 and 3), among others. Most recently, he starred in the TV series Lost Luggage (VRT) and Rough Diamonds (Netflix).

For several years, Jeroen has also been active as a guest teacher at KASK & Conservatorium in Ghent, where he annually supervises a project in the 2nd Bachelor of Drama.