As a creative organisation, we strive for a firmly established culture of quality in which the responsibility for the quality of education lies with all of us. Our quality assurance fits within the HOGENT direction, the educational plan of our school of arts and the vision of quality assurance within KASK & Conservatorium. Our approach is pragmatic and tailored to higher arts and design education. We use various tools, such as surveys of students and teachers, monitoring of intake, progression and outflow policy, resonance committees and international visitations by European-recognised organisations. The biennial action plans of each programme and the balance moment after a visitation are also essential parts of our working method. All these outputs can be consulted via the programme portfolio.

At KASK & Conservatorium, we cannot do without the valuable feedback of our students. They can give us valuable insights because they fully experience the programme and know what happens in the lessons. As the target group, they have the most insight into developments over a longer period of time. That is why student evaluations are an indispensable part of our quality assurance.

We also attach great value to strong ties with the professional field. We involve the professional field intensively in our activities by appointing lecturers with a flourishing practice, by involving alumni and professionals in admission tests and juries and by means of resonance committees. A resonance committee is a consultative body in which the programme, graduating option or study path discusses the programme profile and educational concept in cooperation with the field. It also reflects on the medium- and long-term future prospects of the programme.

At KASK & Conservatorium we believe in continuous improvement and growth, and we can only achieve this through the involvement of all these stakeholders. Together we go for quality education.