Karel De Backer, teacher

Over the past 25 years, Karel De Backer (°1977) has played live and in the studio with Flip Kowlier, Novastar, Gabriel Rios, Dead Man Ray, Kapitein Winokio, Franco Saint De Bakker, Dez Mona, Wigbert, Alex Chilton, Dirk Blanchart, eva...

In his approach, he aims to be all-round, open-minded and full of wonder for new possibilities.

As a teacher, he emphasises that open vision, a sound of his own and interaction.

Drums are more than just rhythm.

You can lift a song, colour it and give it a unique feel.

Karel took a Jazzstudio course in Antwerp as well as a number of masterclasses with Peter Erskine & Dom Famularo.