Luc Gulinck is a lawyer specialised in entertainment law. Having gained experience working for the influential dance label R&S Records and for majors Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music, since 2004 he operates as an independent legal and business affairs consultant for authors, composers, performers, producers, managers, television-, film- and record producers, publishers and other actors in the international music- and audio-visual industry. 

He was member of the board of directors of PlayRight (the Belgian collective management organisation for neighbouring rights of performers), which he presided, until 2019, for more than ten years. At the Ghent Conservatory/School of Arts he teaches the course ‘Legal and business aspects of the music industry’, which formed the basis for his book ‘Hier tekenen! (En let niet op de kleine lettertjes …)’. A French translation of this comprehensive guide throughout the labyrinth of the music world (written from a legal and entrepreneurial viewpoint) is also available.