Maarten Weyler, teacher

Musicologist, archaeologist and bass guitarist Maarten Weyler teaches theory and practice jazz/pop at KASK & Conservatorium in Ghent and is a cultural educator at the Halewyn Foundation.
In 1982, he founded Jazz-Studio, Belgium's first higher music education programme in jazz.
Since 2002, he has taught at KASK & Conservatorium, where he is still active in the Jazz, Pop and Music Production department.
From 2016 - 2019, he was a lecturer at Istanbul State Conservatory (Türkiye) and administrator in preparation of the first Jazz Programme (started in the academic year 2017/2018).
Since 2017, he has regularly published jazz-related articles in Jazz & Mo'.
Since 2018, he has been both coordinator and teacher at the Kanazawa Jazz Camp (Japan), live during the camp in spring and via online classes in summer
Since 2020, he has been active as an online music teacher at Music Masterclasses ( for various lessons on song writing & composition and theory.
In 2023, he started JamZ.Bond to organise jam sessions all over the Flemish country.