Dr. Valery Vermeulen is a Belgian electronic musician, mathematician, music producer, visiting professor at KASK & Conservatorium Ghent (BE), guest lecturer at Master ArtScience Interfaculty KABK Den Hague (NL) and researcher at Antwerp University (BE). He holds a Phd in Mathematics and MA Music Composition. In his practice Vermeulen focuses on the intersection between music, math and physics.  

Topics in his work cover a broad range of disciplines including algorithmic music composition, (generative) sound synthesis, A.I., biofeedback, psychofysiology, astrophysics, theoretical physics, econometrics, data sonification and data visualisation. His work has been featured extensively in international news outlets and magazines such as Music Radar (US), Tech Radar (US), BBC6 (UK), The Wire UK, Electronic Sound Magazine (UK), Neural (IT), 15 Questions, New Scientist (NL), Mixmag (UK, Asia, Korea and Middle East), Trax Magazine (FR), Future Music (ES), FazeMag (DE), on national radio channels Deutschland Funk (DE), Radio Eins (DE), Yle Radio1 (FI), The Wire on Air (UK), VRT Radio1 (BE), VRT Radio2 (BE), Studio Brussels (BE) and on VRT Max (BE).  

In 2021 Vermeulen released the black hole album Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 on the label Ash International, subsidiary of the renowned Touch label. Upon release the album was picked up internationally in over 28 countries worldwide. In 2022 Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 received an Honorary Mention for the S+T+Arts Prize – Ars Electronica issued on behalf of the European Commission.