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Curatorial Studies is the only postgraduate degree for curators in Belgium. A unique partnership between KASK & Conservatorium, Ghent University and S.M.A.K. Ghent.

curatorial studies

about the programme
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postgraduate curatorial studies
1 year
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Who is this training for?

Curatorial Studies is an intensive, one-year, English-language postgraduate degree designed for candidates with a master's degree or relevant experience in the arts, humanities or sciences and a strong interest in contemporary art. Candidates without a master's degree but with relevant experience in curating are also eligible.

What are curatorial studies?

As a student, you will be introduced to contemporary curatorial practices in different contexts, such as museums, foundations, artist-run spaces and patrons. Curatorial Studies at KASK & Conservatorium is distinguished from similar European and North American programmes by the breadth of skills covered, from conservation and exhibition history/theory to collection management and audience mediation. After this programme, you will excel in the curatorial field in both practical and theoretical applications.

Making art public

As a curator - from the Latin 'cura', to care for - you are a vital link between cultural production and the wider social sphere. In this expanded definition, curatorship touches the whole spectrum of cultural production, including historical and artistic research, documentation and archive projects, and the organisation of public events. 

At KASK & Conservatorium, as a student you will come into contact with the various possibilities of curatorship. From collecting, conserving and studying modern and contemporary art to developing new ways of making art public through on- and offline exhibitions, publications, pedagogical, social and performative interventions. The lecturers not only encourage you to develop your personal curatorial practice by creating exhibitions, publications and events, but also emphasise collaboration with a collective final project. 

You will attend lectures, seminars, workshops and engage in independent research in order to become familiar with the most current debates within the contemporary curatorial field, especially when they intersect with social, political and ethical issues. Taking advantage of Ghent's exceptional cultural history and context, as well as its proximity to major European cities, the programme includes numerous behind-the-scenes visits to major art institutions in Belgium and abroad. You attend lectures by prominent speakers on a regular basis, including in the Curatorial Lectures. All Curatorial Studies lecturers are active in research and recognised in their field, as conservation specialists, mediators, curators and scholars. This expertise makes for an immersive experience, putting you in direct contact with the reality of the field and its professional challenges.

The curator's field of work

Equipped with the extensive knowledge and contacts you acquire during the programme, you will enter the professional field from a position of strength. Alumni of the programme find work after graduation in the artistic sector, in museums, galleries, non-profit art spaces, government institutions, biennials, artists' studios, at magazines and, last but not least, in academia. Moreover, as a graduate of Curatorial Studies, given the programme's long history, you will benefit from a large network of alumni who remain active in the cultural field.

study programme

48 credits
Course unit
Museum Studies and Art Policy (UGhent)
Curatorial Vocabularies
Audiences and Learning
Internship and portfolio
Writing and Curating
Conservation: Curatorial Aspects
Museum and Collections
Graduation Project


If you want to apply for a postgraduate degree, you will first take part in an orientation test.
you'll follow most classes at
2, Jozef Kluyskensstraat
9000 Ghent


  1. Dancing Forward, Looking Backward, Kunsthal Gent, curated by the students of Curatorial Studies (2022-23), photo: Vandenbussche - Vandenbossche
  2. Exhibition view of Gates (might) open soon, a group exhibition with works by Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Elen Braga, Che Go Eun, Laura Puska, Robert Soroko, Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka, Philippe Vandenberg, Sophie Varin and Bert Villa, curated by the students of Curatorial Studies (2020-21), 09–17.07.2021, KANAL Centre-Pompidou, Brussels, photo: pramudiya
  3. Dancing Forward, Looking Backward, Kunsthal Gent, curated by the students of Curatorial Studies (2022-23), photo: Vandenbussche - Vandenbossche