Multimedia. For once real and no fuss word. Hans Beckers makes music and visual art. The etching plate becomes an instrument for producing sound. Etchings can be printed from the etching plate. The book "Subita oratio - sonare motus" collects some of the results of this process. The book has an oblong format, not unusual for etchings. The design was by Rob De Schutter. The etchings appear abstract. Yet light is present. You recognize shapes, repetitions, hiccups. Sometimes the etchings are almost endearingly naive: a landscape with a sun, sometimes they refer to Japanese printmaking: mountain and water. At the back is a text by John Cage containing the phrase, "When we listen to it [i.e. noise], we find it fascinating. Also included in the prints is noise, noise: they are full. Yet the abstract has not yet been achieved.

48 pages
published by Hans Beckers
2012, EN